Current Projects

guitar dave solo acoustic ovation legend

Solo Acoustic

 Whether you want soft pop, country/southern rock, or party rock, Guitar Dave will make it happen.   Weddings, restaurants, corporate events, & more.

Acoustic Duo

Guitar w/ bass (or another guitar) and 2 vocals.  60's to today hits, all 80's, or upbeat rock/pop hits, this duo will make your event a fun one. 

Treble Hook

Treble Hook performs as either a 3, 4, or 5pc band to fit your event.  Upbeat party rock/pop is their specialty.  Clubs, private parties, weddings, fun runs, neighborhood parties, and much more!


Live band "Rockstar" karaoke.  Our song menu has over 350 songs from rock, country, female lead, duets, R&B, rap, etc.  The song lyrics scroll on the video screen in front of you, and the band is rocking along behind you. You are the rockstar! 

Acoustic Dudes

Piano/Guitar duo w/ 2 vocals. Soft pop/rock hits.  Billy Joel, Elton John, Eagles, Beatles, etc.